Brickfloor – A purchase price guarantee

Special guest this week is Dean Fraser, founder of Brickfloor, a really exciting new proptech for home sellers, which guarantees that their home will sell for a market price, delivering certainty, peace of mind and price leverage for sellers, and allowing buyers to buy before they sell safely.

So, Dean is a lawyer and former investment banker who's also had a fascinating career innovating across food and fintech, and, in fact, Brickfloor won Emerging Fintech of the Year in 2020 from FinTech Australia, and Brickfloor is also a finalist in the Proptech awards.

01:20 - Brickfloor elevator pitch

04:49 - Solving the dilemma. The 4 key drivers of buying first

08:21 - What is the home price guarantee?

13:23 - How Brickfloor differentiates from the iBuyer technology coming out of the US

16:27 - What does it do for agents?

25:49 - How big is Brickfloor?

29:27 - Are there any competitors?

35:57 - How is this going to change the landscape in the next 5 years?

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