AI Assets – Making Asset Management Easy

And, this week it's one for the commercial property owners and managers with an interview with Wayne Herbert from AI Assets. A smart new PropTech with some very big credentials that solves a problem nearly every building owner currently has with its asset register.

Now, AI Assets is an AI driven property asset management platform that makes it quick and easy to identify, capture, and manage the thousands of features, systems, materials, and devices that make up the asset register of any commercial or industrial building. The company used to be known as Aston Industries, but recently it changed its name to AI Assets to reflect the capability of its new platform. Which is used with some landmark projects with major property owners, including Woolworths, CommBank, and even the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Wayne has more than 20 years experience working in property valuations and asset management consulting himself. So, he knows firsthand how laborious, time-consuming, and problematic the traditional methods of capturing assets for an asset register is, and how powerful getting access to an up-to-date asset data can be when budgeting and reporting.

02:00 - The Elevator Pitch

05:21 - Unveiling assets you didn’t know you had can be expensive? What if I want to remain blissfully ignorant?

08:33 - How big of a problem is this?

14:44 - So how does this help building become ‘smart’ and digital?

18:18 - Could this technology be used for residential properties?

22:06 - Examples of this problem are that asset records can be well over 50% inaccurate

29:48 - What is the competitive landscape like?

33:11 - What does the future hold for AI Assets?

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