Rental Heroes – Why Renters Need a Hero

My guests in this episode are Ben Burton and Dominik Chmielewski from Rental Heroes, a natural language chatbot called Alex that is now assisting 37,000 tenants across Australia by handling their property related questions and issues.

Prior to getting together to set up Rental Heroes, Ben held senior leadership positions in both the telecommunications and insurance sectors, specialising in customer service digitization, while Dom, who also has a telecommunications background, has complimentary experience in project management and supply chain management.

Alex uses an app most of us already have on our phones, namely Facebook Messenger.

01:27 - The Rental Heroes elevator pitch and why do we need to be talking on Facebook Messenger

06:59 - How big of a problem is dropped communication in rentals?

08:27 - What made Rental Heroes use Facebook Messenger?

10:35 - The Rental Heroes business model

13:44 - The typical user experience with Rental Heroes

18:12 - Let’s talk about the BlueChilli Stockland Accelerator

27:01 - What do the next 5 years look like

32:28 - How much of a risk is it using a 3rd party platform?

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