Willow – Everything you need to know about Digital Twins

Now, this week is one for commercial agents with an interview with Chris Omeissah digital real estate leader at the digital twin company, Willow. Many of you will know Chris from his previous role at KPMG Australia, where he worked in the high growth ventures division as PropTech expert. He has a strong PropTech pedigree and is also a cohort mentor for REACH Australia.

Now, if you're like me, you've heard of the term digital twin, but never really understood what it was or how on earth it related to PropTech. In this interview, Chris unpacks exactly what a digital twin is and how it relates to us creating smart buildings and smart cities. Now, smart cities are predicted to go from US dollars, 410 billion in 2020 up to $820.7 billion by 2025, according to smart cities global report, which was released last year. So this is a really high growth space. So strapping, we're going to get geeky about big data and buildings.

01:57 - Chris gives the Willow elevator pitch and explains what exactly a ‘digital twin’ is.

08:09 - What else can we use digital twins for?

13:05 - How is Willow different to PropTech companies who aggregate data?

14:57 - How can digital twins help?

20:39 - How NASA has used this technology.

24:44 - What’s the Willow business model?

28:54 - As a tenant inside a building with a digital twin, how is my experience different to those living in one without?

33:25 - What does the next five years hold for the property industry in regards to digital twins?

40:30 - What does the next five years hold for Willow?

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