Spoke – Making social media simple

My guest in this episode is Damian Merchan from Spoke. A product that makes it really easy for real estate agents to get better results with Facebook and Google ads. Now, Damian is a former real estate agent who began in the industry as a 20-year-old at Stockdale and Leggo. He sold land off the plan, and he's built his own development deals and a highly successful property development company. And while looking for a CRM for his business, he discovered this thing called RexLabs, with whom he'd worked back with his Stockdale and Leggo days. And he became an investor, and together they launched Spoke. Now, in this conversation, Damian and I discuss the growing role of social media in real estate, and how it fits into your whole marketing approach, and how to avoid common mistakes.  

1:25 - Damian gives the Spoke elevator pitch and tells us what the problem is that Spoke solves

7:35 - Damian discusses how the market has changed

16:35 - Kylie and Damian recap the discussion in plain english about what all this ad data actually means

21:32 - What type of results are clients of Spoke seeing?

26:43 - Damian tells his story of how he ended up at Spoke

33:06 - So where does it all start to connect up?

38:18 - What does the next 5 years hold for real estate?

45:00 - What is the future for Spoke?

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