Reso – Streamlining contracts and making buying more transparent

My guest in this episode is Kate Chalk, chief executive of a South Australian-based startup called Reso. You may have heard about them in their previous iteration when they were called ReBid.

RESO are working to make the private treaty process of making offers and negotiation more transparent, while still offering the real estate agent complete control. This is a fascinating look at how making a complex process simple and connected can have extraordinary results for both buyers and sellers - and improve the lives of agents. And I love how agents don’t need to dramatically change what they are doing - it just streamlines it.

01:39 An intro to RESO – previously known as ReBid.

02:13 The RESO Elevator Pitch and the pain points it solves.

03:49 How RESO automates buyer inquiry and lifts customer service while making life easier for agents.

06:48 A step through the end to end RESO process.

08:39 Some examples of the extraordinary efficiency RESO is creating for its agents.

10:15 How RESO streamlines the open process and creates transparency for buyers.

11:49 How RESO is reducing work intensification for agents.

14:24 Kate’s background before RESO

15:31 The competitive landscape of bidding and buyer transparency platforms.

18:48 How RESO – and buyer transparency – helps sellers get more for their property.

21:11 Could you do a sale in 24 hours?

23:05 Using RESO to present new properties to buyers who missed out on a previous property.

23:58 The RESO and Dynamic Methods relationship

25:00 How RESO fits into your existing workflows (which makes it easier to adopt).

25:49 RESO’s growth in WA and SA

26:33 RESO is looking for agents to test in NSW and Vic

29:49 How RESO captures even better buyer intent – and data – than most forms and apps.

RESO are looking for agents to work within NSW and Victoria. If you’re a RESO client already, we’d love to hear from you too.

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