Switch Automation – Making Buildings Smart With A Switch

This week, an inspiring and intensely interesting interview with Deb Noller, CEO of Switch Automation.

By 2030 every building in Australia is going to smart, connected and digital, but if you own a portfolio of buildings – whether commercial, retail, industrial or residential – there are literally hundreds of different data sources out there from every device installed and supplier you use. So how do you pull all of that information into one place, harness the data from thousands of devices and use it to start to make proactive rather than reactive decisions about your investments?

Well, that’s what Switch Automation does. Deb has used her background in transport and systems engineering to apply it to property management and ownership to enable the buildings we work, live and play in to become smart, connected, more efficient and more responsive – effectively making them even better investments. Switch Automation were in the initial cohort of the Taronga Ventures RealTechX and have expanded into Asia.

1:53 – The Switch Automation elevator pitch

3:13 – The problems that Switch Automation solve

10:51 – What would it be like if we lived in a ‘smart city’ with every building connected to Switch Automation

12:49 – How long has Switch Automation been going and what is Deb’s background?

17:44 – Deb talks about being apart of the RealX Accelerator program

22:40 – How will Australia adopt these kinds of technologies?

25:38 – What would the building owner approach be?

28:45 – Deb discusses the competitive landscape for smart building technology

30:29 – What do the next five years hold?

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