Managed: Managing Trust Accounts Differently

My guest in this episode is Nick Bouris from Managed App, a property management proptech that caused a major stir when they first launched by claiming their technology did away for the need for trust accounts in real estate, but which have quickly become one of the leaders in second generation property management software. Now, you may recognise Nick's last name. It's true, he is the son of Mark Bouris, entrepreneur and former CEO of Yellow Brick Road Mortgages. So in this interview, we talk about the challenges of launching a revolutionary idea in property management, the benefits of a high profile share register and the pros and cons of having a famous dad.

(01:22): Nick gives us the Managed elevator pitch and explains the goals of Managed.

(04:24): How the business began, the value of having your own rent roll as a testing ground in a tech business and the strategic partners who have helped the business to grow.

(10:09): Nick explains how Managed’s focus on the payment system differentiates them from other PM tech solutions on the market.

(16:35): Nick discusses the ‘controversy’ that originally surrounded the idea of not needing a trust account.

(19:59): Nick gives us a great succinct explanation of what blockchain is – even though Managed don’t use it!

(23:52): The business model of Managed. You might be surprised.

(26:17): Nick gives us a brief overview on their size.

(28:08): Nick explains what it’s like to be the son of Mark Bouris and the pros and cons of having a famous parent.

(30:02): How Managed supports Property Managers against direct to landlord options.

(34:22): The importance of role specialisation.

(35:50): Nick talks about the current challenges of property managers and the future of property management.

(38:41): The future of Managed

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