PMTA – Helping grow property management teams

Kasey McDonald, from the Property Management Training Academy is my guest in this episode. PMTA specialises in training property managers on embracing new technology, and improving the processes and practises of PMs, and working with principals, especially, to understand the value of their PM divisions, and how much more they could be bringing into their businesses.

This is a really insightful conversation with a few really lovely laughs, that looks at why property management is an undervalued asset in so many real estate businesses, and how to change that. We also discuss the influence that coronavirus has had on technology adoption and kind of frighteningly, Kasey believes there's a hardcore group of principals out there that are still not convinced about the benefits of cloud-based technology. So we talk through how that's likely to play out for the industry, and how over the next few years, we're going to see the gap grow between highly successful PM businesses and the tech laggards.

(02:29): Kasey gives us the PMTA elevator pitch

(03:25): The key reasons why principals don't understand the value of property management to their business and the risk of abdicating responsibility of your PM team.

(06:19): How Kasey got into PM coaching

(09:04): Covid-19 and its effect on property management, including the key questions PMs had.

(13:18):The positives that have come out of Covid in PM and increased adoption of technology

(16:12): Has decision making about adoption become faster or slower since the pandemic? The big questions that Covid has raised.

(18:48): The employment and service opportunities created by allowing staff more flexible work arrangements

(19:27): The benefits of lockdown that we should keep after this is over

(21:30): The importance of great communication

(24:04): Have tenants also been a bit tech phobic?(25:10): The power of having the technology, people and processes in place in your business.

(26:10): Kasey runs through some of the technology she’s recommending to her clients

(27:58): Kasey’s advice on implementing change in your business

(29:32): Virtual tours and digital signatures

(31:54): How business has changed for coaches and consultants in real estate and what you should be working on now with your coach.

(36:33): How the cloud is making property management more transparent.

(37:46): How the tech and human touch is coming together. Kasey touches on AI in property management.

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