Kylie Davis – Why agents need to stop being afraid of tech

In this episode, I wanted to do something different because let's face it, it has been the most extraordinary week on the global stage with the onslaught of the Coronavirus and the world as we know it is going completely crazy.

Instead of an interview, this is me talking about something close to my heart - the adoption of technology in the real estate industry. Why we need to do it better, how we should be looking at doing it, and how we need to step up to this challenge that's being thrown up to us right now through this global pandemic, and look at how agents can become truly digital and mobile.

(01:47): The realisation the industry being underprepared and why(02:46): Why the real estate industry is scared of tech – and how that is completely normal.

(04:04): The figures that explain why we can’t stop it.

(04:45): The growing gap between how we use our phones for absolutely everything when we’re not ‘real estating’, and how we only use it for phone calls when we’re working. And why.

(06:26): How tech is enabling the shift away from institutional power towards individual power.

(07:08): The real estate obsession with desktop technology. (07:58): The increasingly awful statistics around how this is no longer working for our clients, or for us asagents.

(10:14): Why real estate is currently a shitty process(11:18): The service to price gap(14:09): The challenge of the burning platform.

(14:45): The challenge for franchises – how Compass, eXp and Side are changing the franchise model

(18:38): How property as a service is changing the business model for all of us(23:06): How AI – or just even automation – is changing what we do(24:14): Some tech businesses that can help you automate more right now even if you’re not ready to go down the AI path.

(27:59): Why agents need to build their ‘change muscle’.(29:02): How the approach of ‘what does an amazing experience look like for my customers’ is more powerful than “what’s the best shiny button to buy”.

(29:42): Real estate is personal and the power of making relationships the centre of our businesses, not the accidental side thing.

(30:46): Articulate the kind of relationships you want to be known for with your clients

(31:44): Audit your business for pain points

(32:11): How far away are you from being able to deliver to that vision right now?

(32:39): Could this virus be the wakeup call that we need to get over our fears and make real estate amazing?

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