HomePrezzo – Turning data into content marketing

My guest in this episode is Nathan Krisanski, founder of HomePrezzo, a prop tech marketing startup that helps real estate agents create marketing videos and reports quickly and easily to drive your new digital marketing campaigns.

HomePrezzo does a really great job enabling agents to create useful and helpful content that uses the latest property data for your local market and the properties that you're selling. And it allows you to do that in just a few minutes rather than the days and weeks it takes using that old school process of briefing a writer, pulling together the research, briefing a designer or shooting and editing video.Now full transparency, Nathan and I are co-founders. But I really wanted to get Nathan on the show because my ambition for the PropTech Podcast has always been to help the industry not just understand the new technology that is out there, but some of the issues startups face and the grit they often show in overcoming them.

In this episode, Nath tells a story of how he came up with HomePrezzo and the idea behind it and why it's so important for agents to embrace digital marketing. He is also very candid about his own entrepreneurial journey, including the time when he nearly lost the business and how he turned that around and how he pulled himself through it up from the bootstraps. It’s a great story.

(03:45): The HomePrezzo elevator pitch.

(05:56): How HomePrezzo started because Nathan wanted to be a fireman

(07:53): HomePrezzo and its origins at CoreLogic

(10:13): Why Nathan hated Kylie when they first met

(11:17): Why content marketing is a new real estate essential

(14:07): How HomePrezzo saves agents 75 hours a year and allows you to improve your marketing.

(15:03): HomePrezzo’s corporate work

(16:43): How HomePrezzo has been working with First National to create more than 1400 personalised videos a month – in a morning!

(18:28): Shoutouts to Mat Tiller and Sarah Dickson and the work HomePrezzo is doing with LJ Hooker.

(20:14): The competitive landscape around HomePrezzo.

(23:27): HomePrezzo’s first entry to the US and important lessons for proptechs on resilience and learning from setbacks.

(27:03): Nathan talks about HomePrezzo’s plans to have a second launch in the US.

(28:17): Nathan gets his crystal ball out to look at the future of real estate – including observations about iBuyers and the changing of the franchise business model.

(31:35): Nathan talks about agents and data and how they can get more out of their data.

(33:03): The future for HomePrezzo

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