Bricklet – Fragmenting property ownership

My guest in this episode is Darren Younger from Bricklet. Now Bricklet is a proptech startup in the fragmented ownership space. Using Bricklet, you're able to invest in fragments of property, but you still have your name on the title. So it's a property investment play targeted at millennials and that generation of Australians who are now struggling with housing affordability. According to it currently takes 8.6 years for a typical household to save for a 20% deposit on a home. What's interesting about Bricklet is the role that real estate agents can play in this new fragmented transaction.

(01:43): The Bricklet elevator pitch

(02:14): How Bricklet supports both housing affordability and property investment diversification.

(03:49): Fractional versus fragmented ownership – what’s the difference?(04:32): How Bricklet manages multiple owners

(06:27): Some more detail on how Bricklet works and how to actually buy a Bricklet.

(08:30): Darren’s background and the story of Bricklet

(10:31): How Bricklet helps property developers

(12:27): How the selling price is decided in Bricklet and how expenses are managed.

(13:57): Why owners of existing homes might choose to sell in Bricklets

(16:20): How Bricklet works with real estate agents.

(18:40): The competitive space of fractional and fragmented ownership – and how Bricklet is different.

(19:35): The future of fragmented ownership.

(20:47): Bricklet’s current performance.

(22:10): Darren looks into his crystal ball to predict the future of proptech.

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